Saturday, July 5, 2014

Book Review about Losing a Child: I Choose to See by Mary Beth Chapman

I can't imagine the loss of a child.
I lost a baby brother, but my mama lost a child,
he was 5 years old. 
My Son-in-law lost an uncle last week.
His grandparents lost a child.
In their 80's they lost a child.  
Mama said, "We aren't supposed to bury our children."

In May 2008, Mary Beth Chapman, wife of recording artist, Steven Curtis Chapman and family experienced the most incredibly, devastating loss imagined-the loss of Maria, their bouncy, beautiful Asian butterfly.  The story is real and raw.

Mary Beth speaks with such candor and frankness that makes me feel like I know her.  I read with intensity and a heavy heart as she tells the story of the horrific pain of losing a child. It is the story of a family who fights to find light in the darkness, peace in the pain, and triumph over death.  I think I cried as much for Will who feels more pain and guilt than any young man should know.

As a parent, I can't imagine. 

As a sibling, a big sister, a little sister, stuck in the middle, the emotions of our own family tragedy, run deep.  I recall the sounds of the accident, the smells of the ER and the blood, the sight of a lifeless body.  I recall a home without laughter and noise. With each written page, my own pain is resurrected to grieve with this family in their loss.

I am inspired by the faith of this family who dared to embrace the pain with real emotions and honesty.  A Family Who Chose to SEE that God is present in the incredibly difficult places.  That he often reveals Himself through...
                         a single blue-colored petal....
                   a ladybug...
                               a butterfly...
                                                a little angel sent to remind them that the view is
                                           Better from the top.
 I can promise you that this read will leave you longing to reach out to those you love, to hold them a little tighter and cherish each moment.

Thank you Mary Beth for sharing your story with the world.  We are better for having known you!

(BTW, I am a Steven Curtis Chapman fan from the early days.  My daughter and I made memories singing along loudly to The Great Adventure!)

I pray a hedge of protection around my family every day.

Our Little Blessings

Very Soon.

Whatever the kind, 
loss is personal
and must be grieved. 

Praying for Comfort for Those Who Mourn, 



  1. I like Steven Curtis Chapman too. I can't imagine losing a child either. I've had several patients lose children and they always say "it's not supposed to be like this, the parent is supposed to go first'.

  2. I have not read the book, but I am aware of their story.. Thanks Bonnie..Blessings