Monday, July 21, 2014

If You're There, I'm Here

I stumbled across another blog about depression.
Please follow and encourage the blogger on the link below.

Depression Hurts
The Adventures of Old Alice

 it really does 
and I feel her pain.

Sad, mad or
Happy and gay.
Who will I be today???

I wanted to reach out and hug her 
and assure her that someone does care, 
someone does understand, 
and this someone wants to crawl in that bubble with her
or rather pop that bubble and get her out.

When I'm Tigger, I don't like Eeyore
and when I'm Eeyore, 
I certainly don't like Tigger.

Thing is, most days I'm not even able 
to move past myself.

I understand the days of not remembering.
I understand that sometimes my mind feels like it's demented,
and yes, I worry about that too.

Isolation, I get. 
I may be surrounded by a crowd and still feel alone.

So, please be gentle with me.
I'm fragile and I may break.

Coming home from a celebration 
and I have to make myself get out of bed.
I look forward to the calls at the end of the day 
from my children.
I look forward to the emails from my blogging friends.

When I can't be anything to anyone, 
I just have to be myself.
That's all I can be.

So, if you're there, 
I'm here. 

Prayers of Hope, 

"We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves."
Romans 15:1

I wonder why this isn't the way it is???


  1. Being YOU is the very best person YOU could be. NO ONE else can be you, my friend. You are a dear. Hugs

  2. {BONNIE!!!} Your emails and posts are a constant smile to me.. thanks for the "snorts' last night, I was laughing so's because I am who else can I be? LOLOLOL--Just a real girl, mom, wife, friend who has issues just like anyone else..real issues and real everyday topics..just some people are afraid to write it down. Hey--where's are next vacation? (giggles)

  3. Thank you Bonnie for such a sweet post. I appreciate you more than you know.