Thursday, July 10, 2014

What Does Mania Look Like For Me

In the education system, 
BD stands for Behavior Disorder.
I laugh when I think about it.

Funny thing is, it fits for 
Bipolar Disorder.
Mood and behaviors are
the crazies of this disorder. 

This week I've found myself 
somewhat manic-

a little too loud, 
a little too ill,
a little too angry, 
talking a little too much, 
going a little too fast.

When I'm a little too much, 
I have to slow down, 
pace myself

It starts out as a wonderful event, 
like celebrating the pregnancy of my daughter
and the joy it brings-

the joy becomes silly, 
silly becomes giddy, 
giddy becomes wild, 
and wild becomes crazy.

Even getting ready to see my babies 
can bring on mania.

My highs are not too extreme, 
just a little out of control.

Being manic is not the problem with Bipolar Disorder II.
I'm not going to drive 100 mph or jump off a tall
building to prove I can fly.
However, I feel real pain for those who do.

In my case, the high
is often followed by an EXTREME low.

I've learned how to prepare myself for this.

I slow down.
I celebrate events,
I experience the joy to the fullest
 but I don't do something 
that I'll regret later-
like spending $200 at auction or junkin'
when my booth only netted $50.

Or planning a trip to Italy:)

Well, a girl can dream, right?

Okay, I'm pacing myself here.
Nashville now, Italy later?

Can't wait to see this little booger!
He's carrying his "tish."
He looks exactly like my baby boy did when he was 3!
Oh my, he melts my heart!

 And this little angel already has her daddy
and her mom
wrapped around her little finger. 
Isn't she a doll-baby?

Shhhhh. Don't tell I'm sharing.
This is our precious miracle-baby.
You think I'm not manically wild about this baby?
Can you hear me scream!

Well, I will not apologize for being 
giddy about all my babies.

Happily Manic Today, 



  1. Breathing is always important for me, too, Bonnie. I get myself in such a tizzy sometimes (whether it be good or bad that brings it on) that I just have to stop and simply say...It's okay...just breathe! And then I start praying and singing and I'm back to being me again. Your GRANDS are absolutely gorgeous, Bonbon. Hugs coming to you for the weekend!

  2. No need to better be getting ready for our trip (GIGGLES). Flip flops are a must for our second part of our voyage. Blessings

  3. Those grandbabies are so cute and as sweet as can be! And the news of another one on the way deserves some excitement!