Sunday, July 13, 2014

Praying for Ashley

My morning quiet time is the best time 
to hear God speak-either through 
His Word or in my inner spirit.

I try to begin my day and
end my day with the Lord.
Both times, with prayer.
When I fail to do that, I suffer.

Sleep did not come easy last night.
I had Ashley on my mind.
Please drop over to Sweet Magnolias
and read her story.
Just click on the link below, "Pray for Ashley" and read her story.
Pray for Ashley

She was on my mind all day.
I couldn't shake the questions
and couldn't help but wonder WHY?
I begged God for a miracle.

I lay there and prayed for her
and her children, her family,
and my children and all
that concerns me.

I was so acutely aware that
my troubles are small in comparison to others.

I asked God to make me content,
to not look back to what might have been
nor to look forward to what may come,
 to not pine for dreams unfulfilled
but to trust Him for the moment of TODAY!

I was awake at 5:00 am.
I was late for church, but I looked
and listened and worshiped with a different
attitude today.

Please pray for Ashley.
My heart is heavy.
Although, I don't know her personally,
I have been touched by her story.

Believing God.
Will you believe with me?



  1. Oh Bonnie, that is so sad! Life is not easy. I just took care of a 42 year old man, who passed away last week. He has 3 kids under 10. He was in a terrible accident and got a closed head injury. The faith and testimony of his wife was incredible. I'll pray for Ashley.

  2. Keeping her in prayer..and you dear friend. Blessings