Sunday, June 29, 2014

Home is Where I Belong

One of the constants of
 Bipolar Disorder is dealing with 
the feelings of isolation.

I want to reach out, 
I really do. 
I want to belong.
I really do.
I want to connect.
I really do.
I want community.
I really do.

However, there's this great 
fear of rejection and of course, 
the feelings of paranoia.

I love to laugh. 
I really do.

I love to see them laugh.
I really do. 

I have a man who loves me and wants me to stay.
I really do.

I have so many blessings, 
I really do.

And God continues to add blessings upon blessings.
He really does.

And we expect more blessings.
We really do. 

So, forget the feelings of isolation, 
forget the need to belong, 
forget the need for community, 
forget the need to connect,
forget the paranoia.

Because I really am not isolated.
I really do belong.
I have all the community in all the above.
It is here that I connect and 
with family there is no thought of paranoia.

Home is Where I Belong,



  1. Aww...I love this, Bonnie. Great photos of you and your sweet family!

  2. Great post Bonnie! You have such a beautiful family, and yes, you really are blessed!

  3. You are very creative and your poems should be published. Great post that I can identify with. Thanks so much for sharing. You are gifted.