Friday, June 6, 2014

What Label Do You Wear?

What is a Label?
It's a tag attached to piece of clothing
with information about the product.

Fabric content...
what it's made of.
for washing and wearing.
Who or what company it's made by.

 Sometimes there are so many labels attached
that you don't even know who made you.

Other labels?

It's a tag attached to a gift
To: You
From: Me

It's a name others give you

Some are good, some are bad.
Some are true, some are untrue.

The label you are given depends on several questions asked,
Who's your family?
What church do you attend?
Where do your work?

The kind of car you drive, the amount of money in your bank account, 
the career title that you hold or lack thereof all constitute the labels you and I wear.

When applying for a job we are asked,
Race and Gender-
questions legally we don't have to answer

Some labels are attached with strings.

Some labels are sticky!

What label do you wear or better yet,
what label has someone attached to you that you are unable to peel off.

Fat, skinny, nerdy, crazy, stupid.

What I've found is this,
labels stick.

Have you ever tried to pull off a postage label?
It adheres to the package with such vengeance 
that should it come off, the entire package comes with it.

See the correlation?

I went to a new doctor once.
New medical history as always,
"I'm bipolar."

For the first time ever,
"No you are not.
You have a diagnosis of bipolar depression.
Bipolar does not define who you are."

WoW!  Thanks, doc.
That's the first time I've ever heard that one.
Changed my feelings ABOUT MYSELF in one sentence.

So to summarize my thinking.

My Fabric Content

What am I made of?
I like to think I'm sugar and spice and everything nice;)
but that's not always the case:(

Psalm 139 says that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
A bunch of DNA and stuff I don't understand,
but so thankful that God knows me and loves me anyway.

My Instructions

Found in the Word.
It is my LIFE, my guide, my direction.
In it, I find hope, peace and renewed faith.

My Manufacturer

I am a Child of the King
the Living God
the Prince of Peace!

He Loves Me-
no strings attached.

What label do you wear?

I think I'll stick to who God says I am!


(all photos were found on pinterest)


  1. Bonnie, this post just says it all. You rock! Blessings on your weekend, friend :)

  2. What a wonderful post! I love what you shared about labels and the way you ended with a great label.

  3. What a beautiful post..thanks for sharing...I couldn't of said it better myself..I should of thought it first, LOLOL. (Wink)--Blessings