Friday, June 20, 2014

I Choose to Be Happy

My little girl at the age of 6 won first place
in a state talent competition.
Before over 1000, she sang this song. 

I Choose to Be Happy

We have opportunities to be sad everyday,
When it seems like nothing in our world
Is working out our way.
That's when we have a choice to make
We can pout and cry all day,
Or we can make a funny face
And laugh about it and say...

I choose to be happy (happy)
Happiness is a choice.
Oh, I choose to happy (happy)
Happy as I can be
Oh, I choose to be happy, I'm happy
I'm free
Oh, I choose to be happy 
So, I can be me.

I can't remember the second verse, 
but today 
I choose to be happy.

Dumped is a fun series of portraits by Meg Wachter that captures peoples expressions at the exact moment a food or liquid was dumped over their heads. The photos show how genuine their reactions are. Whether it is shock, disgust or delight, each resulting frame is amazing.

Life can dump a bunch of gunk on us.
We can choose to scream and yell
wipe it off and smile.

I've done both.

Today I choose to smile.