Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Learning to be Content

So yes, I have a fun blog
and I have a not-so-fun blog.

This silly little girl is one of my blessings.
She is my sister's child, the second born, 
a hard head and hand and a gentle, precious heart.

She loves with all that is within her.
She comes bounding across the parking lot
and almost knocks me down with her hugs. 

She is loud and likes to be the center of attention, 
but is the first one to notice when someone is hurting.
She is one tough cookie, 
but with children and the aged she is as gentle as a lamb. 

She is sensitive and is hurt easily, 
which makes her more sensitive of others.

When she smiles, she lights up my world.

She can make me smile when all else fails.

My sister, Sarah, and I

Oh, she's growing up too fast. 

Sam and His Dad

This is my sister's first born. 

He's a combination of goofy and serious.
He is smart and funny, but crazy and quiet.
He is a typical first-born,
 analytical and a problem solver.
He pretends not to care, but really
doesn't mind a hug (when no one is watching.)

He is content to be alone but is not intimidated by a crowd.

He doesn't want attention drawn to himself
but never turns away from a challenge.

He is competitive but not a show off.
He is probably more of a perfectionist than we 
know because he wants to know that he's 
mastered something before he shows it to others.
These are my growing-up babies. 

It makes me sad to think that in only a few years 
they will be gone. 

Which makes me even sadder is to think that 
my precious GRAND babies are growing up 
so fast, me here and they there.

This little monkey poo-pooed and pee-peed in his potty today.

Our little angel is growing like a weed
and cooing up a storm.

It's their mommy's birthday and I'm about to get the present,
Facetime with the babies. 

I can hardly stand that I am not there 
to see each new moment.

This makes me sad.  

I continue to go boldly to the throne and ask the Lord
to let me move there.  I know that this may 
not be in His will for now, but I'm not afraid to ask.

Trying to learn how to be content in all circumstances.



  1. Bonnie, thank you for sharing pictures of your family with us! Your sister's children are precious. I love their Auntie's descriptions of both of them! :)

    My heart goes out to you when it comes to being separated from your GRAND babies. Our first grandchild (grandson) was born in Mexico City while his parents were missionaries there. He lived the first seven years of his life there...we saw him (in person) every two years. We did what was the equivalent of Skype today...then it was through MSN messenger. Every Tuesday night we drew pictures together, we played cops and robbers, name it, we did it. All except for hide-n-seek. ;) They flew to Michigan for a missions conference when he was 5 and we drove up to spend time with them. When they came through the gate at the airport he let go of his mother's hand and ran to us...jumping up in my arms and saying, "Grandma! Grandma! It is really you!" And then he jumped into my hubby's arms with, "Grandpa! Grandpa! It's really you!" :) I used to tape record myself reading children's books and sent them to him. He will 16 in September and do you know he still has those tapes of my reading to him. He was still listening to them when he was 9 and 10 years old, "Just so I could hear your voice, Grandma". SO...I do understand, my sweet friend, how your arms ache to hold those sweet ones of yours. And I am praying for you! xo

  2. My heart goes out to son, unfort..his grandparents/my parents..well..never mind..At least you Skype (or whatever it's called, lol)--THANK YOU FOR THE SMILES. Your family is lovely..can we adopt them? smiles and Blessings

  3. Aww.. Bonnie...what a precious post! It is so sweet the way you described your niece & nephew! It's hard when your babies live so far away, isn't it? You KNOW that I understand that! We will be making the trip to Nashville in less than a month and I am so excitied! Adam's birthday is July 13 and he just cannot have his birthday without his traditional black-raspberry pie made by his mama! We are bringing Aaron's two boys with us so they can visit with their cousins...they LOVE being together, even with the age differences. Adam's family lives in a tiny apartment until they finish their house in the fall, so it will be COZY!

  4. Your niece and nephew sound like such precious members of your family!
    Yes - they grow far too fast! I pray you are soon able to live close to your sweeties.